Robin White


Sonoma Residence

A Sonoma country home used primarily on weekends.
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A Sonoma wine country weekend retreat is an on-going endeavor. The ultimate goal of this project is to achieve a charming “English country estate” ambiance in a home suitable for a retired couple. The clients are collectors and Robin White Interiors was fortunate to assist them in collecting their favorite English 18th and 19th century antiques from sources here and abroad. The furnishings are primarily English and of the period. A few exceptions were chosen for their uniquely interesting history or were custom-made for expediency. The project included considerations for the client’s dust allergies and ease of maintenance. The 17th/18th century Delftware depicting flowers and animals is still being collected. A set of antique soldier tiles was used to surround the fireplace. The English art work is original.

The kitchen remodel features the collected 17th/18th century Delftware tiles depicting primarily flowers and animals. These tiles have been installed in a custom manner so that prior to the sale of the house, the tiles can be replaced with floral tiles and the client may take their collection with them to their new locale. The kitchen remodel now reflects an ambiance more in keeping with the client’s wish for an English country estate.