Robin White



Wandering the streets of Paris once again.

Here’s another find from the wonderful windows in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.  This time it’s an interesting sofa design in a contemporary style.  It’s possible that this is a custom furniture piece.  It has lots of potential perhaps done in contrasting fabrics, a print, solid, or a subtle neutral as shown.

Music Room/Small Gallery painting-Joséphine Bonaparte at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris

This is a painting depicting the smaller of the galleries Joséphine used for her painting collections. This room apparently had the newer paintings, many by the troubadours she sponsored. It was also used as her music room. The room design was inspired by several periods.  It serves as the as an example of her taste and style. This painting is the only pictorial documentation we have of her interiors. Note the paisley throw on the chair.

Music room painting

The Rent Table

We recently found ourselves asking, “why is it called a rent table?” and this is what we learned: The “rent” table, as the name suggests, would be used at a large country estate for the management of the rent collection from the estate tenants. The numbered drawers around the rotating frieze were also sometimes marked with letters of the alphabet and would be used to order the paperwork and ledgers while the secure locked compartment in the center of the table top provided safe storage for the monies paid.