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Music Room/Small Gallery painting-Joséphine Bonaparte at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris

This is a painting depicting the smaller of the galleries Joséphine used for her painting collections. This room apparently had the newer paintings, many by the troubadours she sponsored. It was also used as her music room. The room design was inspired by several periods.  It serves as the as an example of her taste and style. This painting is the only pictorial documentation we have of her interiors. Note the paisley throw on the chair.

Music room painting

More Fabric Design: Joséphine Bonaparte at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris

Here we see another of the paintings featuring Joséphine’s wonderful gowns with a paisley influence in her custom designed pattern. As in the previous post, the fabric reflects her love of flowers. This time her colors are more intense. Note her tiny slipper in juxtaposition to all the surrounding heaviness. Trés demure.

Joséphine’s wonderful gowns with a paisley influence

Joséphine’s gown with a paisley influence

Joséphine Bonaparte at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris

Empress Josephine has a fascinating biography but we will be delving into her contributions to the decorative arts. She had tremendous resources and a huge appreciation for beauty. In addition to her designs for fabrics, clothing, and jewelry, she showed tremendous interest in designing her interiors. Well traveled, she created a huge art collection and then commissioned work reflecting her love of nature and her gorgeous gardens. There will be examples of her contributions in upcoming posts. 

Here is a photo of a painting portraying Josephine and her children in their lush surroundings. Their apparel reflects Josephine’s feminine love of beauty and her attention to detail.

Wandering the streets of Paris

While wandering in the 6th arrondissement in Paris, we came across this interesting art shop displaying these two wonderful paintings in the window. There is something very special about these works. They simply speak to you. The artist is Gilles Sacksick, a multi-talented award winning Impressionist of today. His biography can be found at gillessacksick.com. Enjoy!  
Gilles Sacksick fruit bowl
Gilles Sacksick fruit bowl 2